Dr. Motabar is a board-certified cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon with an special emphasis on microsurgery. He is passionate about helping patients achieve the best possible benefits of plastic surgery.
After earning a board certified of general surgery degree from the University of Iran Medical science in 2009, he practiced for years.
Although he began his training in general surgery, it was plastic surgery that became his passion.
He completed the prestigious plastic surgery residency at the University of Shahid Beheshti Medical Center in Tehran in 2015 and succeed to achieve a board certified of plastic surgery.
One of the major part of his surgical procedures and expertise are involved in treatment of trauma and burn scars, craniofacial deformities such as cleft lip, cleft palate and craniofacial syndromes. Peripheral nerve repair and microscopic surgeries are also included in his surgical experiences.
Here is a sampling of the procedures that Dr Motabar and his team perform:
Aesthetic operations;
Genioplasty and orthognathic surgery
Facial rejuvenation,
Face lift,
Brow lift,
Upper eye lid operation,
Eyebag removal,
Neck lift,
Mini facelift,
Nose jobrhinoplasty,
Ear correction,
Lip lift,
Chin implant,
Cheek implant,
Fat transfer,
Breast operations, breast enlargement, breast lift, breast reduction,
Gynecomastia male breast surgery,
Tummy tuck, liposuction,
Brazilian butt lift, buttock implant,
Thigh lift, calf implant,
Combined procedures,
Wrinkle treatments Botox and filler,
Mole removal,
Scar revisions and more.
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